Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why not!?!

****Also, I wanted to add that I can customize. I will do my best to create whatever it is that you would like :)****

I've been making several headbands and other crafty things lately (as seen in a post below) and posting pics of them on my Facebook just to see what kind of feedback I get. To my pleasant surprise, I've had several offers from friends that wanted to purchase some. After some debating on whether or not to make them to sell, I decided, why not!?! I'm going to start out slow and see how it goes. I don't want to spend a lot of money and end up with a bunch of items no one buys, so I'm going to make them as people want them. I have fun coming up with different styles and I like to wear them myself as well as make them for Peyton, so really at this point it's a win-win for me. Also I think it's kind of cool that people like what I've done and that they want to wear them :) So in the meantime, I'll create until my little heart’s content (and whenever Peyton allows me time ;)) and put it out there for the world my friends to see and see what happens!

Wish me luck!! :)

I will leave you with some of my creations...


Jud & Krysta Nymark said...

they are VERY cute Michelle!

Abbi said...

i LOVE all of them!! i want one of each...lol..for real i would love to purchase one! they're so cute! good luck with your business venture! very creative and super cute!
i'm talking about for me...but kennedy is getting enough hair for head band now!