Monday, August 30, 2010

SEVEN Months

Weight- if I had to guess, somewhere b/w 16-17 lbs.
Length- b/w 27-28 in.
Diaper size- just moved you to a 3, it's still a little big but I feel a 2 is getting too small
Clothing size- 6/6-9 mo's right on the money


*Playtime with Daddy. You also giggle and smile SOO big when he comes home from work. It's the sweetest thing :)
*Cody. You are OBSESSED, even though he won't come near you. You laugh your head off at him and he doesn't even have to do anything! ha. It's adorable.
*Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is still really the only tv show that will capture your FULL attention. Tried Veggie Tales...not so much
*Staring at the pretty baby in the mirror...anytime we pass a mirror you immediately smile and start talking to yourself. Cracks us up lol


*When I leave your sight...pretty sure the separation anxiety has kicked in


*Voting 8/19/10well, you tagged along with Mommy and Daddy of course, and all of the volunteers LOVED you :))
*Eating a "cookie" (a Mum Mum rice wafer). You like chewing on them but have not figured out that you should swallow the pieces
*Sippy cup w/ a straw. It's easier for you to figure out right now, and you're so good at sipping a straw. You're constantly wanting to drink our drinks so I thought I should get you your own :)


*You are a PRO at sitting up! You're so grown makes me happy and sad all at the same time!
*You've finally caught on to the "Indian noise" (I'll put my hand over your mouth and you've realized if you make a sound when I do that, it sounds funny :))
*You give "kisses". When I say "give mommy kisses?" I get a nice slobbery one
*You continue to roll everywhere You particularly like to roll under tables
*You can scoot. You haven't figured out how to go forwards but you can certainly go backwards. If I help hold your tummy up, you can take a few crawling steps. I feel it won't be too long until you're crawling!!
*You can "share"!! If we say "can I have some?" you will put whatever item you have either in our mouth or in our hand.
*You learned to snort. It is the.cutest.thing.ever!
*Your new hobby while on your play mat is to take all of your toys out of the basket and put them back in
*Finally sleeping in your CRIB and out of the pack n play (see "sleep" category below ::sigh::


Sleep? What is that?!? You have been in your crib now for a little over a month and the transition has not been that bad (not as bad as I thought). It's taken you awhile to adjust to being in the crib and not the pack n play, even though they were both in your room. Going down for the night is a challenge because as soon as I turn to walk out, you FREAK OUT. We usually let you cry it out for a little while as long as I can take it, and I'll go in and put your paci back in, re snuggle you with your blankie, rub your head and then walk out. Sometimes you eventually fall asleep and sometimes I end up having to go in, rub your face and stand next to you until you're asleep. You're in your crib around 9 and depending on when you actually fall asleep, you usually wake up at least one time before Daddy and I go to bed (b/w 10-11). I can count on you waking about twice in the middle of the night. A good night is when all I have to do is put your paci back in your mouth and you turn over and go right back to sleep, a bad night is when no matter what I do, you just want OUT of that into bed with us you go. (Hey, Momma and Daddy gotta get some sleep too!!)

Takes two naps a day: first b/w 10-11, second b/w 3-4; Usually last anywhere from 45 mins to 2 hrs


Still nursing about 6-7 times a day. You either have a fruit or yogurt mid morning or after your lunch nursing and a veggie after nursing for dinner. Finding foods you will open your mouth for has been a challenge. You like yogurt, apples/blueberries, bananas/mixed berries, and sweet potatoes. Not too much else.

With every month that passes I'm finding it harder and harder to keep up with noting everything that you learn to do!! It seems that every day brings a new noise or ability! Daddy and I think you look more and more like a little girl and your own person than a baby. I treasure every day that I get to stay home with my girl!

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