Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Otown, at last!

We spent this past weekend in Orlando (Oviedo, actually) visiting my family. It's been a long six weeks (Dad's on chemo and Peyton had her shots, can't be around him for SIX WEEKS!)and everyone was having MAJOR Peyton withdrawls! We got together to celebrate my sister Amanda's birthday (which is actually tomorrow). Dad wasn't feeling that great on Saturday, but was much better on Sunday so we went to lunch at a cool restaurant downtown. Though it was hot, it was bearable to walk around a little and Peyton got to watch ducks and geese swim around Lake Eola :) We had a great time, as always, just hanging around and catching up with one another.....LOVE it!

Checking out the goose/swan with Uby

Our little family :)

The all the single ladies

My model

Her signature face


Erin said...

Oh my gosh, those last two pictures of Peyton are priceless!

Josh and Rebecca Hewiett said...

Did I mention how cute your daughter is? It is just unbelievable! :)