Tuesday, September 28, 2010



Weight- a little over 17-ish lbs.
Length- probably close to/if not already, 28 in.
Diaper size- 3
Clothing size- "6-9 mo." and "6-12 mo."
Shoe size- just moved up to size 3, still a little big but 2s are getting too tight!


*To take walks to the pond and watch us feed the duckies
*Eating "real" people food.
*Talking to family on Skype. You wave and try to give kisses!
*Any type of remote control


*If no one is paying attention to you


*(Birthday)Party- Your Best Friend, Halle turned one! 9-19-10


*Waved hi/bye! 9-18-10
*Pulled yourself up to your knees! 9-20-10
*Daddy and I swear you can say "hi"...you make the same noise everytime we say hi to you or one of us walks into the room.
*Mommy taught you how to type on the computer. To push each key with one finger, and you did it by yourself!


This area has gotten MUCH better! You've been sleeping really well. You go down by 9, haven't even really been waking up in the middle of the night either, you wake up by around 5. (Which is totally ok, 9-5 I can do!!)

Recently, you've started waking up several times again, but I'm pretty sure you're about to get some more teeth! So we'll see...


I'm realizing more and more that you'd rather have "big people" food. So if I'm eating something that you can have, I'll tear up small pieces and let you have some! You had applesauce for the first time, and liked it. I've just come to the conclusion that you are going to be a picky eater! That's ok, I'll just keep trying foods and we'll eventually find things you will eat more than once!


*You're hair is getting longer and you're getting more of it!
*"No" is a word you are learning quickly. Only because you hear it ALOT these days, lol.
*You have the CUTEST grin on the planet. (I entered you into the Gerber Baby photo contest!! We'll see what happens!)
*Still only has the two bottom teeth, but as of lately I think you've started teething hard core, so we'll see if you have a few more by the end of this next month!
*You continue to give the sweetest, slobbery kisses :) ...You love to sit in front of the mirror and kiss the "baby in the mirror"
*Still not crawling but you "inchworm" across the floor, you scrunch up then launch. It is the cutest thing. (Of course, everything you do is cute, but still...)

I cannot begin to express how much fun this stage is! Peyton is learning new things left and right! She is a hoot and she knows it. With each month that passes, ONE gets closer and closer. I don't want her to grow anymore! I do, however, look forward to the holidays coming up. I can't wait to take the infamous pumpkin patch pictures and to see what she thinks about Christmas lights and decorations! ::Sigh:: I love being her Mommy :)

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