Friday, October 8, 2010

My Fall Color Picks

Time for another nail polish post. Why, you ask? Because I just bought three SUPER cute colors, perfect (in my opinion) for this time of the year....

From L to R:
Jade is The New Black, Chop-sticking To My Story, and Tickle My France-y

The emerald/teal is an awesome shade. It's a little funky, yet it can be pulled off tastefully.

The middle color is currently my FAV! I've been searching for an orange-ish color for fall and had the perfect shade in my mind and when I found this, I was in LOVE.

The last color is just, well, awesome. It's a nice neutral (in the "greige" family) and if I don't want to have a loud color on my hands, will compliment any toe shade very nicely :)

I wasn't even planning on getting the OPI brand (even though its awesome polish) because well, Momma's on a budget and it's a little more than I should be paying right now. But, Ulta had OPI nail polish buy 2 get 1 FREE. Um, yes please! Annnnnd I had a coupon (insert angels singing a heavenly tune) was meant to be.

So there ya have it folks, some cool colors that are great to welcome the fall!


Erin said...

You are so cute. I could NEVER pull anything like that off. Edgy for me is "wined up" which is just a deep deep maroon :)

Abbi said...

LOVE, LOVE all of these! and opi. it's the best!

Jenn said...

Wish I had seen this before my trip to Ulta today! Honestly, I probably couldn't pull any of these off but I probably would have at least tried the fall "Chop-Sticking to My Story". I've been wanting a change from my usual "Affair in Red Square" for fall... I went with a plum color... I think it's a new one called "Diva in Geneva". :)

Jenn said...

P.S. 3 OPI polishes for $12 is awesome! I used my $5 coupon today too :)