Monday, October 25, 2010

How You Know You're Worn Out

{Snippet from this past weekend}

Scenario- walking to our car after eating lunch out....

Austin: Michelle, where are the car keys??

Me: I don't know (looking ahead)

Austin: You have to have them, I don't

Me: No I don't, I never had them.

And then I proceed to turn around and look at him. What did I see you may ask?? Our car keys, dangling from his MOUTH people. He just had that whole conversation with me with the keys in his MOUTH and he forgot they were there.

We have hit rock bottom folks. This is a result of little to no sleep, thanks to a sick baby and having nasty colds ourselves....going on for about two weeks now.

Scary stuff people.

Here's to hoping and praying things only get better, and fast! And maybe a glimpse into our far, distant future of all of the Alzheimer's fun we will have. Oh dear.

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Josh and Rebecca Hewiett said...

This is hilarious! I hope you all get better soon!