Wednesday, January 5, 2011

11 Months

We are officially ONE month away from the big First Birthday folks. I could cry. But, I won't.

Here's what my busy little bee has been up to this month:

Weight 18.4 lbs. ; Height, not sure.

You have SEVEN teeth!! Three up top and four on the bottom.

You are seriously all over the place and STILL have not decided to walk. I can't imagine how much faster you'll be once you do walk.

You have no problem using furniture or toys to help you walk, just not by yourself.

You love Talking Tom on my iTouch. While I'm bringing up the program, you seriously almost have a panic attack while waiting, haha, it's so funny

You love your family.

You are obsessed with Cody. You've figured out that while your eating, if you drop some food on the floor you can get him to come to you...sneaky.

You are always "talking". Real words you can say: doggy, momma, dada, papa, baby, byebye, duckie, and moo

We just celebrated your first Christmas and I don't think it could have been better :) We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at Mimi and Uby's house and the rest of Christmas day at Grammy and Papa's. You didn't care for ripping wrapping paper or watching us open your gifts but you did get excited about your presents once you could see what they were!

For the past month or more, our new bedtime consists of me rocking and humming you to sleep. You love it, and I do too :)

You don't like to drink very much. All you will drink is water or very watered-down sweet tea (no surprise there) and still it's not alot. You don't even like juice!

We're down to about 3-4 nursings a day.

You still wake up at least once at night. But, you are having more random nights that you have slept through the night!

You give the sweetest hugs and kisses.

You love to dance. You have several different "styles" of dance too. It's SO cute!

Your favorite song at the moment is Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Still taking two naps. One mid-morning, one late afternoon.

You are all of a sudden a little (with emphasis on little because I
just cannot allow you to grow that much) girl. And it is pure craziness to me! You are so intelligent and funny. You've got quite the personality, my dear. I find amusement in just sitting back and watching you play. I see nothing but fun times ahead! :)

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