Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We survived

Welp, Peyton had her first blood involved injury last night. For all who know me well, you would know that blood and I do NOT go well together. We do NOT.

Peyton was playing in the bathtub and slipped forward when sitting and WHAM! went face first into the side of the tub. The pain scream/crying started (the kind you NEVER want to hear) and then came the blood from her mouth....((shudder)). I held it together pretty well (on the outside!) but was frantic to find out where it was coming from. Austin was trying to pry her mouth open so we could see what was going on. Without making her mouth open too wide (because we didn't know what she tore/busted open) it looked as if she had a nice busted lip courtesy of her front top toothies.

Thankfully, it didn't bleed very long. Peyton was a trooper, as she only cried (but it was quite a cry) a little while. As of this morning, it seems that it wasn't her lip but her gums above her teeth. I'm not sure. I hope it didn't hurt her teeth =/ I'm keeping a watch on them.

Ugh. I do not enjoy seeing my little one get hurt. As a result, last night I prayed for God to send EXTRA angels to guard her....


Abbi said...

aw..poor thing!
i'm sure one of many! lol! glad she's ok!

Erin said...

Poor thing! There must be bad stuff going around. Collin had a bloody lip in the bathtub tonight too. But I think it was from fighting me brushing his teeth. Still, not fun. :(