Monday, January 17, 2011

"Hi, I'm your husband. Wanna go out?"

Recently, the hubs and I were able to go on a date. Like, the not having to worry about a baby-take our time while eating-have conversation without having to stop a little person from throwing food across the restaurant-kind of date. It was seriously the first REAL date Austin and I have had together since Peyton was born. And in case you aren't sure how long that has been...almost ONE YEAR peeps! (and no, I do not count the quick run out and grab a bite to eat while Peyton naps with the grandparents- trips)
I'm not saying that Peyton has been a hindrance, because that is absolutely not true. When you have a child, your focus shifts to them and their needs. And if that means no solid "Mommy and Daddy time" then so be it. But now that Peyton has gotten older and nursing is fading, that has loosened the strings!! After getting some gift cards for Christmas, I could not WAIT to get some one on one time with my handsome man :)

Last Friday, I dressed up a little and waited for Austin to come home. The grandparents came over and we were out the door. The evening was filled with opening car and restaurant doors (he does this already but it was made more dramatic because we pretended we were "dating"...haha silly I know, but hey, we had fun!), dinner at PF Changs, chatting about this and that, taking our time while eating (<-- this one is a BIGGIE people!) and dessert from Cheesecake Factory, yum!

We had a great time. It was just what we needed. And at the end, still got to come home to our sweet little one.

So, here's to the new level in our marriage, Dating after a Baby!! :)


Erin said...

GOOD! You don't realize sometimes how much you need that "alone time." It's always nice to get away and pretend to be dating :) but there is nothing better than coming home to that little person waiting for you and seeing their big happy smile when you get home :)

Date night should be mandatory, at least once a month I think!

Michelle said...


~A said...

So cute!

Even though Superman and I don't have kids, the sometimes date-nights get lost in the shuffle of college and work and more work... and of course, there are those nights when your "date" is waxing his truck. . . =)