Monday, May 9, 2011

15 Months!!

Man, Peyton is a little person now and demands even more of my attention (if that is even at all possible?!) so it's nearly impossible to do monthly stats anymore! BUT, she is doing SO many new things I needed to write them all down so I can remember them!!

Let me just start by saying that Peyton is seriously the smartest, funniest, cutest little child that ever walked this planet. Seriously. (that is not biased at all, it's the TRUTH people!)

As of 4/27/11 (her 15 mo. appt):

weight- 21 lbs (25th % tile)
height-  31.5 inches (60-70th % tile)

In size 4 diapers (still with a little room to spare)

She "talks" all the time now. Like even in the car, I will hear her just babbling away. We're going to have quite the conversationalist once she gets the hang of (real word) sentences!!

She LOVES to talk on the phone. Whether someone is on the other line or not. Girlfriend knows what to do with 'em!

At just shy of 14 mo. Peyton was officially off "Momma food" (no more nursing, lol) And let me just say that I thought it was going to be really hard to ween, but it wasn't that bad! Thank the Lord.

When she wants to eat, she walks over to her highchair and let's me know she wants up

She's starting to mess with her diaper when it's i think potty training might be in our near future

We have a great bedtime routine: around 9, I scoop her up, we give daddy kisses, I tell her night night, I give her a kiss and tell her I love her, lay her down in her crib, hand her her blankie and she rolls over and goes to sleep! I love it and can only pray it stays this way!

She can say her "prayers". As soon as we sit her down to eat, she immediately folds her hands and waits for us to say the blessing and will keep them folded until we say "amen"

Loves to have her shoes put on...I don't know where she gets that from ;)

Her current vocabulary:

Where did it go?
All done! ("nall none")
Thank you ("day-doo")
Night, night ("nigh-nigh")
Hold me ("ol' me")
Uh oh
Oh no
What is this? ("wha is di")
What is that? (wha is da")
Mimi- my mom
Ra Ra- Sarah
Nana- Manda
Bandit- my parent's dog
Mommy, Momma
Daddy, Dada

What she loves right now:

-Mickey (still)
-Baby, her doll
-Bunny, her stuffed rabbit
-water (to drink)
-Mac and cheese
-walking Cody on his leash
-"reading" books
-Curious George
-making a "surprised" face....she cracks herself up, lol
-pointing out birds flying/planes flying in the sky

I know there's more I've left out. I just can't keep track of everything she does! It seems as if they develop at light speed at this stage!! But man, oh man I love this stage. Their little personalities are just bursting at this point.

While I really miss a sweet, cuddly, squishy baby...I love cuddles and kisses from a little one that does it because SHE WANTS and CHOOSES TO, more :)


Erin said...

She's just too cute! I thought weening was going to be awful too. I'm pretty sure it was more rough on me than it was on Collin! Apparently we aren't ready for our little bits to grow up! :(

Michelle said...

I am SO NOT ready for her to be big :(

I want her to stop growing already!