Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Well, I'm sad to see this nice long weekend go. For once, we had four days to do whatever we wanted and didn't plan a single thing in advance the entire time.

We woke up together, enjoyed our coffee together, and did whatever we felt like doing when we woke up that day. We didn't do much. It was awe to the some :)

We decided to go to St. Augustine Sunday morning (we didn't go to church because Peyton had a cold). It was pretty hot but we were having a good time....until we decided to take some pictures of Peyton in front of the fort and I somehow got stung by a wasp!! How do I manage to just be walking around and my foot find the only darn creature walking, not FLYING, around in the grass??? Big OUCH! I have NEVER been stung by anything ever. So I kind of freaked out a little. But with good reason because I am allergic to ants, as in anaphylactic shock allergic, so I was afraid that I would have a reaction to the sting. Needless to say, we headed home after that. I didn't have a reaction though, hallelujah!! Other than that, we really had a great weekend!

On another note, I've lost two more pounds for a total of 18. I'm almost to 20!! Buuuttt after some of the things I ate today....the next few pounds might be delayed : /

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!

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