Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Being Honest.

Ok...follow up on my Weight Watcher journey.
Didn't think I'd follow through huh?? It's ok, I didn't think I would either. Ha.

Anyhoo...let's back up to March. That's when I decided I needed to start losing some weight for my sister's upcoming nuptuals (July 9th). My plan was simple. I gave myself 4 months to lose 20 pounds. That's 5 pounds a month, ONE pound a week. For some that may sound slow and dragged out, but for me, it was perfect.

I mean, I needed to be honest with myself and considering my past "dieting history" which was filled with a bunch of two-day (maybe three, holy cow! ha) start-up dieting then BAM! I gave in, I needed something that was a realistic goal for myself.

So it started. My plan? Count calories. I found a fitness website that had me enter my current weight, my goal weight and other physical info and it then told me how many calories I needed to consume to get to my goal. It was tough. I downloaded an app for calorie counting (where would we be without glorious technology?!) and entered everything that went in my mouth. A few weeks went by and a few lbs came off. Even though it was getting a little easier, if I didn't carefully plot my daily intake, there would be some nights I would still be soo hungry and that was getting old and annoying. Enter the Best Friend. She suggested me joining her in doing Weight Watchers (she's done it a few times before with AWESOME results). I was hesistant because I didn't want to have to pay but she sweetly offered to let me bum off of her and to answer any questions I would have. To my delight, the online program was running a free 7 day trial!! Woop!! I signed up and used that week to take notes and get what I could from the website so I could still continue with it once I cancelled.

With a little help from a wonderful app (Weight Watchers Point Calculator) I have lost 16 pounds in the past 2 1/2 months!! =D < BIG smiley face from this girl!! I'm ahead of my "losing plan" and definately don't plan on stopping once I reach the big 20...which is only 4 pounds away!!! (Squeeeee!!!)

I seriously am so proud of myself. I have a problem with following through on difficult tasks like this...who wants to stop eating junk whenever they want?? ha.

Here's to the continuation of flub falling off!! ;)


Erin said...

WOW! That's awesome! Although, I didn't think you needed to lose any weight, I did think when we were at the zoo a few weeks ago that you looked smaller. But I thought, maybe I just haven't seen you enough to really know. So rather than asking the "have you lost weight" question, I told you how sick you made me because you always look so darn cute! :)

Just be careful, you know what happens when you start to lose weight... I've got two things coming soon as proof ;)

Michelle said...

lol Yeah I know. I had just started a "diet" and a few weeks later I found out I was pregnant with Peyton...haha...trying not to do that again, at least not yet ;)