Tuesday, February 24, 2009

L to the AZY

My goodness, I have just NOT felt up to blogging lately!

Call it laziness...or maybe simply because I haven't had too much going on worth "documenting".

Anyhoo, I didn't feel I needed to write a whole entry on our trip to Georgia because the pictures I picked pretty much cover what we did, but we really did enjoy ourselves! Any time taken off of work is lovely! :)

This past weekend was a complete blurr. We didn't really do anything either. Austin spent Saturday in the yard and I spent it inside. I developed a pesky cold and that kinda had me feeling a little sluggish, boo. We did buy a flatscreen though, I'm excited! We've wanted one for awhile, but my penny-pinching smart saver of a hubby, has been watching and waiting for the perfect price. And well, he found it! (This may be a technique I need to learn: patience. Haha) Oh, and I did get my car windows tinted. Talk about an exciting weekend! ;)

Austin has another run coming up this weekend. This time instead of a marathon it's a 15k. He is such a champ! As for this week, Austin's back to traveling. Ironically he had to go back to Atlanta...and called me today to tell me that he ended up exactly where we stayed while we were there, weird. He'll be back on Thursday, but until then, it's just the Codester and I!

That's all I have for now, I hope everyone else is having a more eventful week than I am!


Jenn said...

We must've been typing at the same time! Go figure. We have a wedding to go to this weekend, how's that for exciting. You know how we love weddings! lol And this one is a fancy one too, out on your old stomping grounds.

Anonymous said...

hope you are feeling better:)
how do you cross out words in your post? I have been wondering how to do that for awhile...