Monday, February 2, 2009

...On the road AGAIN

Last week it was Dallas, this week it's New Jersey/New York, next week Orlando.I'll tell you one thing, my husband is going to know airports across the nation, like the back of his hand by the time these next few weeks are over! Sheesh! Traveling is at an all-time high for him right now. Neither of us love ALL. BUT, when I feel myself wanting to pout, I remind myself to be thankful that he HAS a job. So, thank you Jesus for Austin's job!(Just please bring him home, sooner than later ;)).

The weather outside was YUCK-EEE today, rained all day. I did get to use my new, super-cute-Vera Bradley-look-a-like umbrella though :) It is one of my Target was originally $16, I bought it for, wait for it....$3!!! I amaze myself sometimes at the items I come is like, they are put on that shelf, just for me. (insert heavenly tune here) ::Sigh:: I ♥ Target!!

Time for another pedi...although I have done what I can to keep them looking their ultimate french-ie best, (i.e.- wearing open toed shoes in freezing weather!) they have chipped. Not to mention, somehow I managed to break one, so now I have one little toe that has NO pretty white line, and is WAY smaller than all the others...the outcast. I must fix that pronto !!

Tomorrow looks like another uneventful day for me. Oh wait, I get to go to the eye doctor!! Whoopie doodles! (sarcasm) Then the dentist on Wednesday, gosh, don't you all wish you were me?!? lol.

Welp, it is some sorta late, I must make myself sleep, work awaits me in the morn!

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