Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Open mouth, insert foot

Be careful what you say!
My last post was full of griping because my life's been pretty boring....welp, last night at midnight, my life got a tad bit eventful....

Whenever Austin's away I can never fall asleep until late.

Last night, around midnight, I decide that I should atleast try to fall asleep. Just as I was about to turn off my light, Cody throws up. Yuck! He'd been acting a little less energetic that evening but I didn't think much of it. Whenever Austin goes out of town Cody tends to mope around. This time,notthecase. I clean him up then try, you hear me, try to squirt some Peptobismal down his throat. Well, most ended up getting all over me and probably nothing in his mouth. The poor thing DESPISES that stuff. I gave up and we both went to sleep.

This first alarm goes off. As I am enjoying the thought of 30 more minutes of sleeping bliss, I roll over to hear Cody gagging. CRAP! Just as I turn my light on, he pukes.....TWICE! And ALL OVER MY BEDSPREAD! Bye-bye sleeping in! I grab him and put him in the bathroom and proceed to rip off all of my bedding. Great.

I will gladly welcome any sort of dullness over puppy puke, anyday.

Happy Wednesday.


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The Polka Dotted Owl said...

sorry girlie:( That does suck! I do hate puppy puke,and cleaning it up....yuckkkk!!!