Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Birthday...


This birthday was great. I am a ripe 26 years young, and as usual, I don't feel any different. The one BIG difference however, is that instead of carrying a baby in my belly, she was here to celebrate with me :)

I also got to celebrate two weekends in a row. Last week while we were in Jacksonville, Austin's family threw me a little party. My mother in law made her delish chocolate cake and lemon pound cake. Peyton loved playing with my birthday balloon.

This past weekend (my actual bday), we were in Oviedo with my family. (Austin is training in Miami all this week, so we decided that Peyton and I would spend the week here, with my fam) I had a lovely day, lunch at Brio (Y to the UM!!) followed by a scrumptious chocolate cake from Publix (another YUM). When everyone sang Happy Birthday, Peyton looked around at everyone, she thought they were singing to her, lol. I let her think so, she was so cute :)

I cannot believe that November is here already. It feels like a week ago I announced it was October!! We have SOO MANY things going on through the rest of this year....

-Packing and MOVING!
-Peyton's 1st birthday

Time is really going to fly!!

Oh, and as for "treat or treating", no, Peyton did not participate. I refuse to cart a baby around, door to door, when she can't even eat candy.....and this Momma does NOT need any more junk around the house. Thankyouverymuch.

Instead of "Halloween", it's "Momma's Birthday" ...well it is!! :)

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