Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last time in the single digits!!

(I am seriously behind with this update, I kinda threw one together really quick, once I get home, I'll add her nine month pic and finish the rest of the details!!)

Miss Peyton, you are NINE months!!

Things you can do:



*stack your play rings

*give kisses

*turn pages of books (the right way, and sometimes still backwards haha)

*chew really well

*said "Bu-bu Dada" (Bye bye Daddy) and "Hi Dada"

*high five

*is crawling FULL FORCE and are FAST

*is pulling up on EVERYTHING. She is not content unless she is trying to stand

*say "baby"

Things you Love:

*the Gummy Bear song and the Hampster Dance song

*to be chased around the room

*playing Peek a Boo

Some Changes I've noticed:

*that you aren't so attached to your blankie anymore. I used to just lay it next to you and you would grab it and go right to sleep. Now, you don't snuggle with it anymore, unless your in the car.

*you are a serious snuggler. You HATE going to bed, but if I'll rock you, you won't fight it so bad


*You had your first sickness :( - You had RSV and we had to give you breathing treatments, which you HATED. You are not the type of baby that deals well with being sick. I pray you (we) rarely ever have to deal with that!

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