Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Give Thanks

Sheesh, October came and went oober quick! With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I thought I should list some things I am especially thankful for.

1. My family's health. This time last year my Dad was in the middle of chemo for Lymphoma and since January has been given a clean bill of health!

2. My family- both sides :). I'm very thankful for our close relationships.

3. My husband. He is an amazing provider and works so hard to give us what we need. He is an amazing father to our daughter. He is my Best Friend.

4. My crazy, beautiful, funny, strong-willed, tantrum-throwing daughter, Peyton. While we're entering the "terrible two" phase, and boy are we, I still wouldn't trade this time for anything.

5.  A roof over our heads and food to eat.

6. My husband's job. His company just went through a major reconstruction (meaning MUCH job loss) and his position was not affected! I am extremely grateful God spared his job!

We are headed to Orlando this afternoon to spend the holiday and rest of the week with my family :) I'm looking forward to stuffing (pun intended, ha!) myself silly! The hubs and I put our Christmas tree up as well as the decorations since we won't be home this weekend to do it. We didn't want to come home from being away and have to do it. I love having nothing but the tree to light the living room in the evenings. If only we had a fireplace...

Anyhoo, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and I will hopefully have some good pictures to post next week!! :)

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