Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

This post will have no least not yet, my sister's camera holds all of the goods.

We spent Thanksgiving at my parent's. It was my little fam, my three sisters, their husband and boyfriend, my parents and grandparents. We started off this Turkey day with a little drama...The night before, Amanda (sister #3) was baking her yummy cheesecake when we realized the oven was smoking. Butter was dripping onto the bottom of the oven and was burning. So in a quick, group effort attempt to keep a bunch of smoke from coming out, I whipped open the oven door and she quickly threw a cookie sheet underneath to catch the rest. Once the cheesecake was done, (it turned out PERFECT) my Dad decided to put the oven on "Self Clean" mode to have it ready to go for the next morning and then went to bed. Amanda and I were the only ones up at this point. We were standing in the kitchen when I turn around and look at the oven just in time to see FLAMES! I point, Amanda looks, and starts galloping and jumping around yelling "Fire!! Fire!!" We proceed to run and wake my Dad who then jumps out of bed and the three of us fly to the kitchen. He thankfully got it stopped in a matter of seconds, I think by just turning the cleaning mode off. ::whew:: Through all of this, the entire house never woke up...nice. Even with all of the smoke that was burning our eyes out, no one budged. The next morning when we told everyone what happened, my husband says, "I wondered why my eyes were burning"....I swear I could probably punch him while he's sleeping and he wouldn't flinch. Amanda and I had a good laugh at our silly panickedness afterwards. Her galloping around the kitchen was hilarious. FYI, that's what you do now when there's fire, haha.

Luckily the smoke was cleared by the morning and we used the oven with no reoccurring flames :) The food was DELISH and we stuffed ourselves silly with yummy food and dessert. That's what the holidays are for right?? We hung out, talked and of course, watched some football. None of us partook (is that a word?) in the crazy shopping the next day. After working in retail for 5 years, I know better than to go out into that madness.

It was a relaxing, long weekend. Just what we needed :)

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