Tuesday, July 2, 2013



::Whew:: If I had to sum this past month with one word, it would be TEETHING. Ughhhhhh. Oh those nasty little boogers (top teeth). They have no mercy on my child. 


Top right tooth busted through 6/27/13. The other is not far behind. 

You wave to anyone and everyone. Even your reflection. lol. When you first started to wave, you were a little reserved about it. Not anymore! You even say "Ayyyy!", which is your version of "Hey" ;)

You are still SUPER active: Constantly pulling up on everything...crawling under here, over there. Pulling this down, putting that into your mouth. You give me a workout! 

You continue to love your sister to pieces. While she finds it annoying right now, it's adorable.

Food. You LOVE "people food". If you're being fed baby food and you see someone eating something else, faggedaboutit...you want what they're eating. You're starting to get picky about certain things. You definitely spit anything out that you do not like....oh boy.

You helped ring in your Daddy's First Father's Day as a Dad of two :)

It's been a pretty lazy month as far as activities. You, me, and Peyton spent a few days in Orlando with Mimi and Bia. You had a great time splashing in the pool. You LOVE your Bia. You two have a special relationship and it's really sweet to see. 


Ugh. I have just surrendered to the fact that I will be getting little sleep until your teeth leave you alone. You wake up SOMANYTIMES! Even though I'm a little ashamed to admit, you are still in the pack n play in our room because of that. I tried to transition you to your crib and it was NOT happening.

CANNOT believe we'll be celebrating your first YEAR in less than two months! We love you so much Parkyboy, don't grow too fast!! 

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