Monday, July 1, 2013

Parker: 7 Months


March 7- crawled!! (a combo of an army crawl and shimmy) (so at a little less than 6 1/2 months old)

March 19- Clapped for the first time! I was very impressed bc I had only been working with you on it for maybe two days; You also tried CFA's waffle fries and LOVED them!
|-> other "real" foods you've tried are: sweet potato fries, apples, and fruit snacks

Continue to not really like any baby food...but we continue on

You're sitting up now. But you don't like having to sit still so you end up making yourself fall over and crawl to where you want to go.

March 22- You went to Hollywood Studios for the first time. You did great once again! If there's a lot to distract you, you're great for hours!

March 23- Said "Mama" intentionally for the first time! Made my heart happy :)

Sleeping- Sigh. It has been HORRIBLE. You remain in the pack in play in our room because you still wake so many times at night. I would try to let you "cry it out" some, but I don't want you to wake Peyton you benefit from that my little friend. You still want to nurse when you wake too, not like you really need it but you eat anyway ;) I'm hoping your teeth are the reason for this sleeplessness but a tooth has YET to come in! STILL!

We're getting to the point where you're starting to do SO many things ALLATONCE! and I feel like I can't keep up with it all! You continue to be a pretty laid back baby and for that I am SO THANKFUL! As long as I'm in your sight, you're good to go :)

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