Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Parker: 8 & 9 Months

WOW, I reeeeeaaaaalllllly fell off the wagon with these updates. It's SO hard to keep up with them, so much changes SO fast!!

8 Months:

Your bottom two teeth finally came in!
*Bottom right 3/30/13 and bottom left 4/13/13

You finally warmed up to (baby) food.

You are on the go ALL THE TIME. You rarely sit still EVER.

You give kisses!!! 4/17/13 I LOVE when this starts! This will always be one of my favorite milestones.

Your favorite song for me to sing to you is "Jesus Loves Me". If you are upset or even if you are busy doing something, if I start to sing it, you stop, smile really big, and listen :) So sweet!

Sleeping is still not happening. You apparently are the type that don't need much sleep :/ Yay for Mommy.

9 Months:

Weight- 19.5 lbs. (50%tile)
Height- 29.5 in.  (90%tile) You've stayed consistantly "tall" for your age.

-You waved for the first time on 5/10/13

-You pulled up for the first time on 5/16/13

-We went to Disney for the third time on 5/24/13 (last time on our 3 day passes) You've done so well every time we went! 

-You love to share. Whether it's a toy or food you're always willing to hand something over.

-You give high fives

-5/27-31 We had our first "family vacation" to the beach in Destin. It was your first time at the beach ever! You really enjoyed it. The sound of the waves must have been relaxing to you because you fell asleep not long after we would get out there. You were ok with the sand, but didn't care to touch it much and never even tried to eat it!

Now that you can pull up on things, that's all you want to do. You aren't very steady though so you've had your share of spills :/ I definitely cannot go far from you unless I put you in the pack n play. The way you're going, I wouldn't be surprised if you're walking before your birthday. (Waaaa!!! Secretly I hope you aren't!)

You want to be apart of whatever Peyton is doing and it's so cute, even though she would beg to differ.  I get a glimpse of the future every time I hear "Mooooooooom, Parker's messin' with my stuff!!! Come get him!!!!" 

You're great with food, even veggies....you continue to open your mouth and eat each bite. A month or so ago, you started "growling" if someone eats in front of you and doesn't share. It's pretty hilarious. So you end up getting some as long as you are allowed to have it :)

Sleeping  is about the same (ha). We had a few days in a row here and there where you'd sleep for a solid 6 hours (from about 9:30/10-3/3:30) but other than that you still wake up at least twice. I'm thinking once I stop you of night nursings this will stop. But I'm ok with it for now...it just means extra cuddle time for us :)

I can't believe we're less than 3 months away from your FIRST birthday!! It's such a bittersweet time. You're learning new things all the time and while that's fun to see, it also means you're less and less my "baby". LOVE YOU PARKY BOY!!!!

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