Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lazy weekend

Ughhh, this weekend is one of those weekends.
I have a good amount of laundry to do, cleaning that needs to be done, and dishes that need to be washed......I do NOT want to do any of it. :p

It is so crazy how the holidays are approaching so quickly! (I act so suprised every year, lol) Good news is, Austin and I have been picking up Christmas gifts where we can and I am happy to report that we are more than halfway DONE! :) Whoohoo! Every year we end up running around the week before, trying to buy gifts, but not this year!

As for this past week, it was pretty uneventful. Austin was out of town, in New Jersey. Cody and I toughed it out together! :) This next week, he will be gone again. This time he will be in Las Vegas for his company's annual sales meeting. Boo. Ironic thing is we are almost in the same situation that we were while dating. Ahhh, long distance marriage, how nice ;) While it isn't enjoyable, we are just thankful for the fact that he has a great job that allows us to be able to own a home and purchase a brand new vehicle. In these current economical times, it is getting harder and harder to get and keep a job. Thank you Jesus for his job! (and mine :))

Happy Saturday!

P.s.- Go Gators and Go UCF!

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