Saturday, November 22, 2008

Poor baby

Sorry it's been awhile, we've had quite a week!
Last Sunday night, Cody, Austin and I were chilling on the couch. Cody decided to jump down and when he did, we heard a "snap" and he started screaming (worst sound I have ever heard BTW). Austin dove down and scooped him up and sure enough, his little leg did not look right. We rushed to the emergency vet where they sedated him and put a splint on his poor leg and kept him overnight for observation. The next morning, Austin picked him up, took him home and tried to make him comfortable. We took him to his primary vet later that morning and were told that we would need to take him to a surgeon. Meanwhile, Austin had to go out of town on business, so my sweet, sweet mother in law came to stay with me and help with Cody. After calling a few surgeon's and nearly fainting from the "estimated" costs, I found one that was not far from our home and was fairly lower than the others. They were able to squeeze me in that evening. My mother in law and I took Cody in, and to my suprise, after taking another xray, the doctor said that she did not believe that surgery would be best for him. I about fell out of my chair! She told us that if she were in it for the money she would do it but that with Cody being so young and the break being a fairly clean one, she thought it would heal on it's own. Praise Jesus!! She was such an awesome lady, she even offered to take him overnight (to her home!) so that I could finally get some sleep! Bless her heart!
Soooo long story short, Cody is doing much better, he is back to his perky little self, just with a cast on his front leg.....Austin and I have to keep him fairly still for the next two weeks so that the bone can fuse back together. That will be a task, he wants to run around already!

Please keep little Code-ster in your prayers, that his leg will heal quickly and that he will be back to normal in no time!! :)


Hal & Jenn said...

Hi Hunny! I'm so happy to hear my little Nephew won't have to have surgery!!

pinkcoffee photoart said...

that's so sad. :( he looks pitiful with his little cast.