Tuesday, November 4, 2008

To be or not to be...

Here I sit...possibly moments away from knowing our next president....I've never felt so nervous about an election before. Weird for me, because usually I do not "care" too much about "politics" and all that jazz. This year, it is different. I feel that this election will show what America has become and I fear the worst. Our country has strayed so far away from what it was originally built on. Putting selfish priorites in front of what is best for our country as a "whole". People care more about killing their unborn child just so that their life won't be inconvienienced. They care more about what can just be given to them, instead of working hard and DESERVING it.

I think our country is going to get a wake up call and I pray for God's mercy. Whatever happens, is God's plan, He is in control.


Obama won. I'm extremely dissapointed. Our country needs our prayers.

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